insurance asset manager pointed

  An  out that from the current point of view, the medium and long-term assets that insurance funds can invest in are relatively scarce. To this end, it is necessary to increase support, encourage insurance funds to dig deep into quality assets and projects, increase the supply of high-quality debt investment plans and equity investment plans, expand the asset support plan business, and study the allowable insurance funds to have better liquidity and long-term value-added potential. Investment in assets.

  Although the size of the insurance industry is far less than that of the banking industry, the allocation of insurance assets is much more flexible than that of banks. The "Notice" proposes to deepen the reform of insurance funds in terms of investment scope, proportion, solvency, etc., further shorten the investment chain, reduce investment costs, and improve investment efficiency.

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  Zhu Junsheng suggested that insurance funds support the real economy to make the middle chain as short as possible. Direct investment is mainly through insurance asset management products. Before the introduction of new asset regulations, due to different regulatory rules, some insurance asset management products have some nesting, which objectively causes the funds to vacate within a certain range and increase the cost of financing.

  In this regard, Zhu Junsheng believes that it is necessary to introduce the business rules for insurance asset management products as soon as possible. Further clarify the regulatory requirements and business norms, so that market entities can be better implemented at the practical level. In addition, there is a need to increase investment capacity. “The previous on-site inspection of investment capabilities found that some agencies were unrealistic or highly variable, and internal systems and internal management were not perfect, indicating that investment management capabilities need to be improved and improved in actual operations.”

  Increase the intensity of adverse treatment

  The "Notice" emphasizes that it is necessary to increase the disposal of non-performing loans, and it is strictly forbidden to conceal hidden non-performing loans and strictly investigate the irregularities such as false appearances and false transfers of non-performing assets.

  Wu Wen said that from the perspective of risk management and control, the "Notice" emphasizes that supervision will increase the intensity of adverse disposal and accelerate the promotion of the "zombie enterprise" clearing requirements. At the same time, it is emphasized that it is necessary to revitalize existing assets, increase credit space, improve the efficiency of capital use, etc., and encourage the promotion of contracted market-oriented debt-equity swap projects as soon as possible.

  In response to the recent hot-selling repayment of loans, the "Notice" proposes that for small and micro enterprises that still have financing needs after the maturity of working capital loans, it is necessary to conduct loan investigation and review in advance, in line with the standards and conditions, in accordance with the procedures. Renewal of loans chronic illness.

  Dong Xizhen believes that the repayment of loans without a certain amount of money has a certain effect, but it should be left to the discretion of the bank. If it is compulsory and sports-oriented, it will only delay the time when the debt crisis occurs for the enterprise. It is hidden from bad loans and there may be operational risks.

  In addition, from the perspective of institutional mechanisms, the "Notice" emphasizes that it is strictly prohibited to attach unreasonable loan conditions to regulate business operations; deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms and strengthen the capacity building of service entities.

  "Overall, the "Notice" basically covers the relevant credit problems mentioned in the market in the recent period." Wu Wen said that from the recent release of data by the Banking Regulatory Commission, the proportion of infrastructure and small micro loans in new loans in July Nearly half, reflecting that the credit policy based on directional structural adjustment has achieved results, the follow-up regulatory policy will further advance from guiding banks to increase specific areas and increase the supply of low-risk assets. The supervision of credit guidance will continue. strengthen.

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